Our Patented & Proven  Radon Mitigation System combined with quality workmanship and industry expertise is what sets us apart.

At Radon Gas Removal Systems Inc. our *Certified Radon Measurement and Mitigation Professionals provide quality work  that our customers trust. We offer reliable short-term and long-term Radon testing options, as well as Radon Mitigation System installation of the highest standard.


| New Home |

We offer supply and installation of radon removal system as part of the weeping tile installation. Installed with PVC pipe running to the center of the flooring slab with 6” clean washed rock around sump, pipe and entire basement before slab is poured. When buying a new home, this is the best way to know you will always be safe from the dangers of radon gas. 

| Existing Home |

Removal of existing sump liner and replacement with radon removal system. Our mitigation system is guaranteed to keep your home radon free.  

 | Supply of System to Installers |

Supply of radon removal system to installation companies - Plumbers, builders, weeping tile and waterproofing companies, concrete finishers and more.


Short-term Radon Testing (Typically ranges from 1 week to 90 days) 
Long-term Radon Testing (Lasts for a minimum of 91 days)