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We are Edmonton's and surrounding areas leading C-NRPP Certified Radon Gas mitigation specialists with a patented procedure to safely and effectively reduce the amount of Radon Gas entering your home with a no-fail guarantee.

Have you recently had a 90 Day Test (Long Term) with results that have higher levels of Radon Gas than you are comfortable with in your home?

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Radon Gas is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, radioactive gas that is a silent killer in your home.

Have Your Had Your Home Tested For Radon Gas Levels?

Have you had a 90 Day Test kit in your house that came back with higher levels of Radon Gas than you are comfortable in your home?

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High levels of Radon Gas in our homes is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smoking Canadians.

Radon Gas concentration in your home is highest in the winter months when our homes are sealed up tightly to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Radon Gas levels can vary greatly from home to home, and where your home is situated in or around Edmonton is not a factor.

"One Albertan is diagnosed with Radon Gas induced lung cancer EVERY DAY."

According to Dr. Aaron Goodarzi,

Associate Professor at Charbonneau Cancer Institute at University of Calgary

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We Proudly Provide C-NRPP Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation Services For All Homes In The Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

What Do We Know About Radon Gas?

Radon is present in homes all over the world

(primarily due to the fact that it occurs naturally from the decay of uranium).

Radon concentration levels can drastically differ from one house to the next, with two largely determining factors being the method of construction used for each home, as well as the amount of Uranium deposits in the soil beneath each home.

The only way to know the Radon Gas levels in your home is to test for it. *

Why have I never even heard of Radon Gas in my home?

Only until very recently did Western Canada take seriously the extent of the damage caused by Radon Gas exposure.

Lung cancer deaths that were thought to be from inhaling second hand smoke can actually be attributed to daily exposure to high levels of Radon Gas in your home.

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease, states that one Albertan is diagnosed with Radon Gas induced lung cancer everyday.

How do I get my home tested for free?


Call us at (780) 962-0436 and we will set up a time for our Certified Radon Gas Measurement and Mitigation Specialists to come and place a short term test kit in your home (at NO COST to you).

We follow all Covid-19 safety protocols and if so desired we can also drop off a short term test on your porch (ready for you to personally place in your home).

The kit will come with a diagram and instructions to help you place the portable testing device in the correct location of th lowest liviing level of your home.

You can visually check the results DAILY on the digital screen of the tester to see the fluctuation of Radon Gas entry into your home and then you can record your 7 day test results on the report (supplied to you).

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Check the results after 7 days.

We will contact you after 7 days to discuss your Radon Test results with you.

What will the results mean?

If the Radon levels in your home do pose as a health concern, (Health Canada's Minimum Take-Action Level is 200 Bq/m^3), we will then discuss with you next steps which may include doing a long term test over 91 days or installing a Radon Mitigation System if you wish.

Our Radon experts will discuss what your Radon level readings mean and may suggest further testing.

If Radon levels are at an unsafe level, we will suggest installing a Radon Mitigation System.

Installing a Radon Mitigation System is a fairly swift & smooth process for most older and newer homes alike.

Typically, installs can be completed within 1 day or less.

How can Radon Gas in my home affect my family?

"Until I was diagnosed with radon-induced lung cancer, I had no idea just how prevalent radon is in homes.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 radon-induced lung cancer in 2019, and as a result, I had surgery to remove a lobe in my right lung followed by chemotherapy."

"A new study from the University of Calgary finds that 1 in 6 Rural Alberta homes

have dangerous levels of Radon."

[Global News, December, 2018]

Have your home tested today for peace of mind.

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There are an estimated 4,000 deaths per year in Canada and over 30,000 deaths per year in the US from lung cancer caused by Radon Gas exposure.

We offer FREE short term testing - book your test now and keep your family safe!

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Health Canada states that a 91 Day test should be the bases for mitigation.

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*Health Canada states that a long term test be the basis for mitigation.

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