"For several years, my husband and I had discussed having our home tested for the presence of Radon, but never followed through.  It was one of those topics which was rarely in the news and we got busy with life and ‘put it on the back burner’ for a future date.  It was a mistake I regret.

My non-smoking, healthy husband liked biking, hiking and traveling.  At the end of our last holiday together, he developed a dry cough.  After several doctors’ visits and tests, it was confirmed that he had lung cancer!  It was a devastating blow.  He had his 65th birthday a week after getting the terrible diagnosis.  Despite chemotherapy, his conditioned worsened and I spent the last year of his life caring for him and watching the love of my life slip away.

After my husband died, my nephew asked if we’d ever tested for Radon in our home.  That was a huge wake-up call!  I purchased a home test kit, which I mailed in, and was told my levels were 377 Becquerels per cubic meter.  Health Canada recommends having Radon removed if it exceeds 200 Bq/m3 and the World Health Organization recommends mitigating if the level is over 100 Bq/m3.   Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  I knew I needed to do something so I had peace of mind and could sleep at night.  

I contacted two companies for estimates and was impressed with the very personal and quick response I received from Hal at Radon Gas.  When he and his partner came to my house, I was told they would remove the Radon through my sump pit and not have to dig another hole in my sub floor, which I liked.  

After my Radon mitigation system was installed, I was given a sensitive, detection device to monitor the levels in my home for a couple of weeks.  Every day, I checked the reading and was delighted with the results.  The readings were WELL-below 100 Bq/m3 and were usually below 45 Bq/m3.  The follow-up contact and care I received was great, and I am now confident that I do not have to worry about Radon in my home."

"Give your family a safe place to live and grow.  Get your home tested!"

Gail - Edmonton, AB 

One  albertan is diagnosed with
radon-inducedlung cancer,

every day. 

Radon gas is an odourless, colourless, radioactive carcinogen and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. The only way to know if Radon gas is present in your home is to test your home.

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*Health Canada states that a long term test should be the bases for mitigation.

"A new study from the University of Calgary finds that 1 in 6 Rural Alberta homes 

have dangerous levels of Radon."

[Global News, December, 2018]

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[Step 1] Speak with one of our *C-NRPP  Certified Radon Professionals to set up an in-home Radon Test.

Once testing is complete (which lasts anywhere from 7 to 91 days), your Radon Specialist will be able to determine if further action (Mitigation) is required, based on the concentration levels of Radon found in your home.

[Step 2] If the Radon levels in your home do pose as a  health concern, (Health Canada's Minimum Take-Action Level is 200 Bq/m^3), we will then work with you to set up an appointment for installing a Radon Mitigation System. Installing a Radon Mitigation System is a fairly swift & smooth process for most older and newer homes alike. Typically, Installs can be completed within 1 day or less.

The Result?

We'll leave you with piece of mind and your home with significantly reduced Radon levels,ensuring they are well below Health Canada's Recommended Guidelines.