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Radon gas is an odourless, colourless radioactive carcinogen which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. The only way to know if radon gas is present in your home is to have your house tested.

We provide testing and mitigation for all homes in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Client Testimonial 

"I was very pleased with the radon mitigation system installed in my home by Radon Gas Removal Systems Inc. The work was done efficiently and the company owner,Trevor, provided a very good description of the work that would be done to mitigate and eliminate the radon levels that I have measured previously in my home. The installers took care to keep the work site in my basement clean by putting up poly and laying down drop sheets so all was clean and tidy when the work was completed. Looking forward to the new radon measurements that will be done by a third party to demonstrate that the mitigation system is working. Trevor also provides maintenance service on annual basis for all installations to ensure the system is working as intended for many years to come. Highly recommend this service if you find that after testing the radon levels in your home they are higher than the Canadian government regulations and you want to do something to address your concerns so that the health of your family and yourself are not at risk."

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HOW TO Protect your home 


Step 1)Speak with one of our consultants today and set up an in-home test to better understand the levels of radon gas present in your home.  

Step 2) If the levels are concerningly high we will work with you to set up mitigation. Mitigation is a quick & easy process that leaves your home radon gas-free.