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In Home Radon Gas Services

Radon Gas Removal Systems offers FREE short term testing (done in 2-7 days) and long term testing (done in 91 days).*


In-Home Radon Mitigation

What is the difference between a short term test and a long term test?

FREE Short Term Testing*

Our short term Radon Gas test is done with a CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor).

It needs to be deployed for at least 2 to 7 days and should be done in the winter/fall (the accuracy will decrease if windows and doors are open.

Placement of the test is simple - anywhere out of reach, typically in your basement.

The results will be displayed in 10 minutes with an instant test.

The results will be displayed in 24 hours on a short term test.

Long Term Testing*

If the Radon Gas levels are borderline in your home after our short term testing, we typically suggest a long term test be completed in order to be sure that Radon Mitigation is necessary.

Long term testing (91 days) should be completed during September to April, as this is the time of year when there is less air circulating through your home.

*Health Canada states that a long term test be the basis for mitigation.

Have you completed a 90 Day Test Kit in your home?

Were your Radon Gas levels dangerously high?

Please contact us about our limited time offer on our Radon Mitigation Services.

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Our Radon Gas Mitigation experts will discuss your test results with you and determine if further action needs to be taken.

If your home tests above the recommended concentration of Radon Gas (200Bq/m3), don't despair!

We can discuss installing our patent NO FAIL Radon Mitigation system in your home to bring you back to a safe level of exposure.

We will collect the Radon Gas before it enters into your home and safely discharge it outside where it safely dissipates into the atmosphere.

Radon Gas is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas that is a silent killer in your home.

Have Your Had Your Home Tested For Radon Gas Levels?

We are Edmonton's and surrounding areas leading Radon Gas mitigation specialists with a patented procedure to safely and effectively remove Radon Gas from your home with a no-fail guarantee.

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We proudly provide C-NRPP Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation Services For All Homes In The Edmonton Area

There are an estimated 4,000 deaths per year in Canada and over 30,000 deaths per year in the US from lung cancer caused by Radon Gas exposure.

We offer FREE short term testing - book your test now and keep your family safe!

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*Health Canada states that a long term test be the basis for mitigation.

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