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Radon Gas Removal Systems is a locally and family owned business grown from the Elms' family existing business, Elms Weeping Tile.

Known as THE experts in home moisture reduction and removal, Trevor began learning about Radon Gas and the dangers that it had in homes across Canada.

His patented Radon Mitigation System is the only

NO-FAIL guarantee system

offered in Alberta and British Columbia.

Meet Our Team


Trevor Elms

Founder and CEO

Radon Gas Removal Systems Inc.

With over 20 years of experience in waterproofing and foundation repair in private homes Trevor knows the dangers that lurk in your home.

He is the C-NRPP Certified owner of Edmonton's first locally based Radon Home Testing and Mitigation Services business and is the inventor and patent holder of our Radon Gas collection system.

Trevor is certified in ALL levels of Radon Gas services including New Home and Commercial construction.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Trevor has been married for 10 years and has recently become a father.

Trevor knows that keeping family safe in their own home is of the utmost importatnce to Albertans and he is determined to continue to educate Albertans about the danger of Radon Gas in their homes and safely and effectively mitigate it.

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Hal Schneider

Radon Gas Mitigation Expert

Hal is our fully certified C-NRPP Radon Gas Mitigation Expert.

With over 40 years of Sales & Service experience in the Edmonton area, Hal knows what Edmontonians need and want in their services.

Hal is certified in ALL levels of Radon Gas services including New Home & Commercial construction.

Hal comes from a local farming family dating back to late 1800’s and is a family man having been married for over 36 years.

Family and keeping your home safe is Hal's number one priority.

Our goal?

To protect your and your family in your own home.

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We are Edmonton's and surrounding areas leading Radon Gas mitigation specialists with a patented procedure to safely and effectively remove Radon Gas from your home with a no-fail guarantee.

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We proudly provide C-NRPP Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation Services For All Homes In The Edmonton Area


There are an estimated 4,000 deaths per year in Canada and over 30,000 deaths per year in the US from lung cancer caused by Radon Gas exposure.

We offer FREE short term testing - book your test now and keep your family safe!

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*Health Canada states that a long term test be the basis for mitigation.

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